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Services & Fees

Specializing in: Personal Development, Anger management, Marriage & Relationships, Military Families, Group coaching and Teen coaching.  Please check below to see what fits you, your ministry, organization or group best. 









Personal Development Coaching

PDC  is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual client. I’m a firm believer that we all have the ability to succeed, and reach our goals and dreams. As a personal development coach, I will walk alongside you and help you get the clarity needed for you to move forward and  live out your purpose. 
















Premarital & Marriage Coaching


I will show you God's plan for a happy, healthy marriage, while developing practical skills to keep your marriage relationship strong. I will help you to identify, set and achieve your personal goals for your marriage. I will share insights that will be of great help to your marriage. 


I will also help you:


  • Build a strong foundation for your marriage

  • Obtain a Christian outlook about marriage

  • Learn practical tools to build and strengthen your marriage

  • Communicate effectively and manage conflict

  • Build or restore trust

  • Learn to forgive as God forgives










Group Coaching


Is an excellent option for those who want the experience of coaching, support from a group of peers. Let’s team up and make it happen! Three or more participants done through teleconference calls or hands on depending on  the amount of participants and the state you’re in. It’s fun, exciting and it’s a way to share your new life journey with others that are moving forward and determined to get results.
















Teen Coaching 


I will share some personal events from my life in order to guide you through. I will discuss goal setting, friendship, abstinence, love, dating, your spiritual journey, self-respect, decision-making, alcohol and drug abuse, STD's and many other topics and issues that teens face in today’s society. 

My prayer is that each teen will walk through these trying years with purpose and embracing their unique gifts  that God has blessed them with.





Initial Consultation:



Email Coaching Sessions:

$50 a month for Unlimited Email's


Power Call Sessions:

$25/15 minutes


Individual Sessions

$45/30 minutes

$80/1 hour

$150/2 hours



$280 for 2 months with 30 minutes sessions per week

$540 for 4 months with 30 minutes sessions per week

$700 for 6 months with 30 minutes sessions per week

Paid In Full Package Sessions: Free T-shirt plus a 15 minutes Power Call  (A $45 Value:Free)


***Group pricing discussed upon request***

All sessions except the email only coaching can be done by telephone, Skype, or in person, depending on your location. 


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