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Who is LaTonia Harrell


Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is LaTonia Harrell. I’m a Professional Certified Life Coach, Pastor, Published Author, Mentor, Military wife and a Motivational Speaker. I’m known as the EXHORTER; one  that encourages and motivates you to LIVE out  your PURPOSE. I believe that if you’re not living out your God given assignments you’re missing out on a fulfilled LIFE.  As a Christian Life Coach my job is to pray with you and for you as I walk alongside you and help you accomplish what you’ve set out to do. Knowing the right questions to ask and having the right tools that empower you to find those answers within yourself is what allows you to accomplish your goals.


My passion is to ignite individuals to know and understand their purpose and position by confronting themselves using Biblical Principles and to encourage them to SOAR. I  knew that after accepting my calling there was no stopping me. I'm determined to fulfill my God given assignments. I'm not only well informed about Biblical matters, I've also  been given great discernment/insight byGod concerning the issues that plague pre-teens, teens, young adults, and adults (males and females) in today’s society. I'm here to serve and guide you, but it is your responsibility to put in the work. Remember coaching is about moving forward and getting results. I love G0-Getters! We make it happen.

I chose the name, One Direction Moving Forward for my practice because I  believe the only direction God wants us moving in, is FORWARD. Isaiah 43;18 says “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.” We've all come out of something. It’s time to cut the cord with your past and loose the spirit of Lot’s wife; the spirit of looking back. If we continue to look back we’ll stay stuck. God has a plan for your life and in order to fulfill it you must MOVE forward. The past can’t be changed, but it can be erased by our Heavenly Father. Allow me to walk alongside you as you take steps to becoming a better you. Encouraging you to live out your God given assignments. It's time to take your life to the next level.









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