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Stop talking



Vision Statement:

Launching out into the deep to transform and change lives. 


Mission Statement:

"As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."Proverbs 27:17


Take control of



Life is what you make it! The worse thing you could do is wake up one morning and realize you let it pass you by. It's time to live out your PURPOSE and take your life to the next level.   




One of the tastics the Enemy uses is Identity Theft. He likes to rob people from who God says they are by using their past to keep them in bondage. If you would just make up in your mind to start seeing yourself as God sees you and live out your God given PURPOSE you will begin to LIVE!  

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Your Greatest Self.


There is greatness inside of you. Let me coach you to your full potential!I want to motivate you to your next level and help you reach all your goals!



Letters to LaTonia


Awesome!!! May God continue to bless everything you put your hands to accomplish, in His name!! Amen. Love you to LIFE, Sis!!


~LaCrea Bucknell SE Founder 




You can't RUN from yourself! No matter where you relocate or who you cut off until you deal with what's inside of YOU there will always be issues. Thanks Coach LaTonia for helping me reach my goals.


~Erica Richardson

I worked with LaTonia for about a year, and highly recommend her excellent coaching. I uncovered lessons and insights that I still draw from and expect to use all my life. She is unfailingly compassionate, wise and intuitive, and manages to create a uniquely designed coaching experience to match your personality, needs, and the twists and turns of everyday life. For me, working with LaTonia helped most in clarifying my core values to guide me through tough decisions, and a method for finding and strengthening my inner voice and wisdom. I thank God for you Coach LaTonia.


~Kim Taylor




I needed a life coach for my daughter. Someone to motivate her. Thank you,  Coach LaTonia. She has accomplished so much since using your service.


~Tasha Bird


LaTonia is a fabulously sensitive, perceptive, empowering, and inspiring coach. LaTonia’s sessions have always been right to the point and to a place near the core, as the layers of protection fall away with my newfound sense of strength and wholeness. She inspires me to continue to find ways to develop all aspects of myself.






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